Bastille: Indie Music’s Artist to Watch

What happens when you take the heavy synth-rock sounds of The Smiths and combine them with the haunting vocal ability of M83 with a dash of compelling lyrics and harmonies? You get the dark hypnotizing melodies of Bastille.

Bastille, a London-based band that originally formed in 2010, has been slowly creeping onto the indie charts with songs like Overjoyed, and their more recent track, Bad Blood. They have even landed gigs at major UK festivals like Glastonbury that have garnered them well-deserved attention and fans.

When listening to this band you can’t miss the obvious 80’s influence, however, even if you’re not an ’80s fan you’ll probably find yourself singing along to their amazing harmonies performed by lead singer Dan Smith. Not to mention their lyrics captivate and tell a story. As if that isn’t enough the band knows how to get you involved with their art.

For example, their latest album the music video, Bad Blood, features a mysterious girl possibly breaking into a man’s house who is missing. The band gets fans involved by asking what your theories are surrounding the girl and missing man and then allows you to post and interact with the Bad Blood Investigation app on Facebook.

Check out the music for Bad Blood to make your own assumptions about the mystery

Bastille- Bad Blood

Bastille has already released a couple of EPs including Overjoyed and an EP for Bad Blood featuring various remixes of the song, both of which are available on ITunes. The Overjoyed EP can not be missed; from the Yeasayer remix of Overjoyed to the melodic piano in Sleepsong, it’s definitely worth a download and putting on repeat.

Check out the David Lynch-inspired video for Overjoyed that was inspired by Lynch’s cult tv series Twin Peaks:

Bastille- Overjoyed
As for now, you’ll have to wait for a full-length album but if you happen to be in the UK be sure to check them out on tour. Join the Bad Blood Investigation and download their tracks, available on ITunes now!


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