‘Recover’ this Summer With the Sounds of Chvrches

If you’re looking for something fresh this summer, the latest band Chvrches (and no that’s not a typo – it’s spelled with a V) are one that can’t be missed.

Chvrches are a Scottish band comprised of Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry, and Marin Doherty. The band gained popularity in 2012 after opening for Passion Pit and will spend selected 2013 dates opening for the legendary Depeche Mode.

Check out their visually stunning music video for their single that’s climbing the indie charts, Recover.

Chvrches – Recover

Their current EP, also titled Recover, has generated plenty of buzz on both blog playlists and Indie music radio stations. The EP features three songs: Recover, Now is Not the Time, and ZVVL. While also including two remixes for Recover.

Chvrches – Now is Not the Time

The cool sounds of electronic synth-pop meets the 90s comeback of Chvrches are sure to be ones that stick out with music lovers this summer. Don’t miss out on their EP which can be downloaded on iTunes. Become a fan of their Facebook and follow Chvrches on Twitter. And…If you happen to be one of the lucky ones seeing Depeche Mode, don’t miss them on tour with them for selected dates!

Check out the entire Chvrches 2013 Tour Schedule by clicking here.

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