From the Archives: Twenty One Pilots’ Music Will Be ‘Holding on to You’

What happens when you combine energetic rock with rap-like song verses and meaningful lyrics? You get a recipe for success called Twenty One Pilots.

Twenty One Pilots formed in 2009 while living in Columbus, Ohio. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun put out two albums in 2008 and 2011; but it wasn’t until 2013 with their album, Vessel that Twenty One Pilots officially reached rock star status.

Twenty One Pilots – Holding Onto You

Their music is refreshing, energetic and exactly what the music industry needs! What makes Twenty One Pilots unique (besides their sound) is their ability to write relatable lyrics using fast beats and hip hop type music that leaves your blood pumping for hours. They out bring a mix of pianos, drums, vocals, and even a ukulele when performing and recording. And if you play attention to Tyler and Josh’s poetic lyrics, you’ll even start to see a parallel between their music and Christianity theology.

Twenty One Pilots – Tear in My Heart

Twenty One Pilots has a variety of fans and continue to sell out crowds. Be sure to check them out on their Facebook and Twitter.

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Read more: From the Archives: Twenty One Pilots’ Music Will Be ‘Holding on to You’

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