My First Official Blog

First Off. I want to apologize for being so tardy on my posting about The Sounds, The Limousines, and Natalia Kills.

I will start off by telling you that be careful with Ticketmaster and Livenation. When I arrived at the venue, I come to find out that Natalia Kills isn’t even on the tour anymore. I thought it was very unprofessional of Ticketmaster not to send out some sort of notification- regardless- the concert was amazing. But more on that later.

Of course, I had to ask around and find out what happened to Natalia Kills. Rumor is that she felt that the “scene” was too hipster and the crowd wasn’t accepting her music. I find this completely ridiculous! And supposedly she jumped on tour with LMFAO. So I was not able to see Natalia Kills, which is who I was most excited about, which is why I warn you to always double-check with Ticketmaster. I can’t believe they didn’t send out a notification about it. Either way, I still like Natalia Kills and maybe that’s the true story–maybe it isn’t. But that’s what I was told along with some other things about her “attitude”. But I’m not going to be the one to spread rumors.

Even though I did not get to see her – I still highly recommend you guys check out her album Perfectionist. Her songs are straight-up pop with a definite Lady Gaga and Madonna flair. I like to think of her as an upcoming British Lady Gaga. So if you are a fan of Lady Gaga you will either love her or you’ll hate her and think she’s a rip-off. But honestly, I’ve listened to her album over and over, I think it’s a great pop album.

Now let’s talk about the CONCERT. To replace Natalia Kills was a DJ by the name Kids at the Bar.

I had never heard of Kids at the Bar, but let me just say, he is amazing. He’s up and coming and his DJing was great. Remixing Foster the People to Rihanna. The entire crowd was dancing. So it was a nice surprise. I have to also say that his presence during his performance was really cool. What I mean by this is that he seemed so into his DJing.

Check out his Facebook page. I’ve actually commented and he wrote back. So go check him out and comment; I bet he’ll write back and listen to his remixes. They’re awesome.

The Limousines were next to perform. And I have to honestly say they were my favorite performance. The lead singer Eric Victorino knew how to work the crowd. He’s definitely a good front man. I respect any performer who is willing to get off the stage and come hug the crowd members. (And just FYI kiss them…which happened to be me hehe) But seriously their music was mixed with electronic, rock, and indie vibes. Afterward, I definitely had to buy their album and they’re so cool the merch guy was kind enough to run and get the album signed for me.

I really think they have great potential to be the next big thing. Their songs are not only catchy but their lyrics (if you can stop dancing long enough are deep). So youtube, Spotify, however you find your music, and check out their album Get Sharp.

The Sounds were the headliners. I’ve always liked The Sounds; I’ve mostly liked the lead singer: Maja Ivarsson. Not only is she sexy but she’s very intimidating (in a good way). And the crowd LOVED her. She smoked, drank her beer, and owned the place. The Sounds are Swedish but they are internationally known and rather popular and at one point Maja stated she liked doing intimate venues such as the one we were at. I respect that. All I can say after seeing them live is The Sounds are badass.

So all in all. The show was great. The evening wasn’t what I expected but it was an amazing night. Just to prove to you here is a picture of my sister and me.

Me on the left. Two very happy girls.

I left this concert with little voice and aching the next day from all the dancing.

So if you love dancey music that is catchy but, yes, also happens to have actual good lyrics. I hope you check out the above bands.

My next blog soon will be about…my personal favorite band……The Killers. Until then…I hope you like the music.

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