It’s Indie Rock and Roll for Me

This blog will be about my favorite (favorite is an understatement) The Killers. Since I’m doing a music blog. It is only fair that I get to share with you fine people my favorite band. I won’t ramble on about why I love them and what not…I just want to show you some of my favorite Killers songs and hopefully, if you are not a Killers fan. You’ll give it a try. (And then later I’m gonna show off my memorabilia hehe)

Okay….so everyone knows Mr. Brightside which came out in 2005 and When You Were Young which came out in 2006. Those are probably the two hits that The Killers are known for. But they have so many other songs that I love that I’d like to share with you.

The first is called Shadowplay.

This is actually a remake of a Joy Division song and The Killers did it for a movie called Control. (About Joy Division and their lead singer–hence the music video).

The next I want to share with you is one song that is a personal favorite mine and it’s called Sweet Talk.

This song is off the album Sawdust and is rarely played live but it is honestly one of my favorites.

And the last one I’m going to share with you is only because this song has gotten me through so much and to this day; I still listen to this song to help me get through times when I feel like I can’t win. And it is called Everything Will Be Alright.

The Killers currently have 4 different CDs out and are working on their 5th.
Hot Fuss (2004)
Sam’s Town (2006)
Sawdust (2007)
Day & Age (2008)

And just to kind of persuade you on how awesome The Killers are…Every year they release a Christmas song, you can buy it off iTunes for like .99 cents and ALL profits go to the RED campaign. This is the first one they did and one of my favorites. A Great Big Sled.

So now that I’ve shown you some of their songs, which I really hope you’ll give a chance and listen to. I have to and, I’m sorry, but show you the memorabilia I’ve collected over the years. Like I said…I’m not gonna go on this huge back story of why I love them or how they helped me and blah blah blah. Because I think the music should speak for itself. BUT I do want to show you guys my dedication to this band!

These are flowers that I caught at a secret gig in Athen’s, GA. I like to think Brandon threw them to me on purpose. Hehe. Bless them….they’re very old and fragile now.
I got the opportunity of meeting the band at The Fox Theater in Atlanta backstage and they signed my CD. (Yes, I brought that CD – I came prepared)
My poster that I also got signed.
I’ve kept my little “Meet and Greet” pass they gave me. 2007!! It seems like yesterday.
The setlists that I’ve acquired over the years.
My signed setlist that someone gave me as a gift. 🙂
Okay now that I’m done showing that off. I really do hope that you take a listen to their music. And I sincerely hope that if you are not a Killers fan–that I’ve persuaded you in some way to give their music that is not their “hits” a try. If not, no biggie, because I know not everyone has the same taste in music. This blog isn’t about me trying to get you to “LIKE” my music. It’s just me showing you artists that I think are great and artists that I believe have potential.
Until next time.

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