Two Great Artists: One unknown…One Known.

I have two great musicians that I would like for you to hear about today, one you already know….so let’s get to the one you may not know.

Now, you may or may not know who Donald Glover is…so let me introduce you…let’s see it’s more like what isn’t he? He’s a stand-up comedian and an actor on the show Community, and he is a rapper. Now…I’m not usually a rap fan. But Donald Glover—who goes by the name Childish Gambino when rapping is an AMAZING rapper. I, know this is my personal opinion, but I think if he plays his cards right he could really be the next Drake. I mean, Drake got his start on TV as well?

What started out as mixtapes and basically just “goofing up” soon became an actual passion for him. And while releasing bootlegs to the public it wasn’t long before he was signed to Glassnote Records. 

He currently just released his album Camp which of course is available on iTunes and other music sites. It might be a little bit harder to find in stores. The song I’m going to share with you is actually not on his new album but is the song that I heard and made me think, “This guy has potential and this guy has skill.”

Check out Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino:

Now the next artist. You know…and you either love her or you hate her. But it’s…..Rihanna. Let me explain why I decided to talk about her. First, I used to loathe Rihanna. I thought she was whiny and just an “artist” made by Jay-Z. But…I took the time to listen to her newest album entitled Talk That Talk

And. well…I’ve been eating my words. This album is absolutely wonderful….and if I’m honest. Here lately all of Rihanna’s stuff has been pretty great. Not only did she record a song with Coldplay (Called Princess of China) which is great! I highly recommend you YouTube it…but I really feel like she has been trying to expand musically. It seems each album she puts out has a different style. Not only do I respect it when artists do that but I love it. It means, that they are not afraid to take a chance, which means…maybe she isn’t just Jay-Z’s little protege.

The song I’m going to share with you is called Drunk on Love. Which features a sample of The XX’s song Intro (I was already obsessed with that song and The XX anyways). So between her sampling The XX and her doing that song with Coldplay. I have to say…I’ve really turned to love her new stuff. Being completely honest as well…I’ve listened to the new album and it is great.

Here is the song Drunk on Love…I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And if anyone who isn’t American is reading this…well then I hope you just had a great week.
Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Two Great Artists: One unknown…One Known.

  1. Awesome blog Ash, I love Rihanna's new stuff. Her song with Coldplay is my absolute FAVORITE song right now!!! I will have to check out the new artist and continue to read your blogs.
    love you,


  2. Thank you so so much. Rihanna's new stuff really is awesome and I'm glad you like her son with Coldplay and I know you like Drake…so I really think you will like Childish Gambino! Thanks for reading! 🙂 I love you!


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