Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marina and The Diamonds!

The British beauty queen is back and better than ever with her album: Electra Heart. The UK Queen has been on the scene for a while and this album comes after the success of her album Family Jewels. However, you will notice this album has taken a more dramatic sound and a different direction than her previous work.

While you might think that this new album is just another pop album from a beautiful girl. Think twice, because this new sound has been no accident! Marina states her guise of the album, “epitomizes and embodies the lies, illusions, and death of American ideologies involved in the corruption of self…Electra Heart is the antithesis of everything that I stand for. And the point of introducing her and building a whole concept around her is that she stands for the corrupt side of American ideology and basically that’s the corruption of yourself. My worst fear — that’s anyone’s worst fear — is that losing myself and becoming a vacuous person. And that happens a lot when you’re very ambitious.”

With a new pop style and a retro look, it is no surprise that this album, Electra Heart, is already one of the top hits in the UK. And I have a feeling that this little diamond will be crossing over to the US charts as well. Her hit song, Primadonna, is not only catchy and sassy but is the perfect example of her new persona and concept.

Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna

This is just one of the many videos Marina has released that can be found on her YouTube page to accompany her latest album. This young lady’s new direction, while making quite the statement, is sure to jet-set right into the hearts of all primadonna girls. Her album, Electra Heart, is currently out in the UK and a US release date is forthcoming.

Marina and the Diamonds – Fear and Loathing

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