Yuna – Malaysia’s Sweetheart

I first fell in love with Yuna last year after hearing a song by her called Decorate. Now Yuna has officially released her self-titled album and it’s a must-have. With songs like Lullabies and Planes, you’ll be humming along to the ultimate chill-out album. Also, she does a killer cover of Come As You Are by Nirvana that isn’t featured on the album but is brilliant.

Yuna- Come As You Are

Yuna started out on Myspace when she sang her songs in both English and her native language, Malay. She began singing and writing her own songs at the age of 14 and by 19 was playing guitar and performing.

She has come a long way since her 2006 Myspace days. In 2011 she signed with FADER Label in the US. Now she will be performing at Lollapalooza and was even nominated for an MTV Iggy for “Best New Bands in the World.” If I had to choose someone in 2012 that will capture the hearts of indie souls I would say it’d be Yuna. Her gentle rhythms and tender lyrics are captivating in every way.

Her self-titled album is available now. Be sure to check out other songs of her that are not featured on the album such as Fears and Frustrations and Deeper Conversation.

Yuna- Lullabies

Whether you’re needing someone to sing you to sleep or in a coffee shop sound mood. You must let Yuna sing you her lullabies.


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