Electric Guest – American Daydreamers

Electric Guest, what a refreshing band to step onto the scene this year. I almost feel like rock music needed a group of guys like this. What’s so great about this group? Everything, on their album… no song is the same, and that’s what I love about them. Each song has its own style and each song seems to focus on different situations. And not be missed is lead singer, Asa Taccone’s amazing voice to top off the excellence of the album.

Based out of LA, Electric Guest, started out with Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton. In addition, the band has two brothers, Todd and Troy Dahlhoff, who are more like “extras” that usually tour with Electric Guest. For their debut album, the band worked with Danger Mouse as their producer for Mondo, who is one of the top producers in music. Between the uniqueness of their sound and help from Danger Mouse, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this band is starting to take off.

The band has already released two songs off their album: American Daydream (above video) and This Head I Hold. Other songs such as, Under the Gun or Waves, bring a unique style to the table for their album. Two songs of Mondo that I urge you to check out!

Under the Gun
Electric Guest captivates attention with their music in several different ways. No two song seems to even sound the same, which, in an era of carbon copy music, is refreshing.
Their songs are catchy but also you’ll see yourself relating to the lyrics. Bands that can get your attention through their style of music while also bringing you to a point where you can relate to what their singing about is rare. You can tell the making of Mondo was not some group of guys who just decided to play music for the hell of it. In my opinion, I feel a vast amount of dedication involved in every song. Sure, so it might have taken them only a few minutes to write a song, I have no idea, but something about this band shows me that Electric Guest has a deep dedication to their music. I will always respect that.
Since this is the first US album release, they’ll only go farther if they continue to show dedication.

All in all, Electric Guest is a rock band full of young, good-looking guys, who actually know how to play music. Not just any old music, but music that makes you think and music that you can fall in love with. When I say falling in love with, I mean, you’ll be putting this album on repeat on your iPod. They have great potential and the beauty of it is, that they’re not going to need to change a single thing about themselves. Their music speaks for itself.

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