Centershift Releases ‘Fade Away’ – Artist Q&A

Centershift, an LA-based rock band known for their unwavering work ethic and who kept in the studio or on the stage all throughout 2022, have just released their newest track ‘Fade Away’ to streaming services! ‘Fade Away’ comes from their 2022 album, “A Different Shade of Color” and veers from Centershift’s usual sound into pop-rock … More Centershift Releases ‘Fade Away’ – Artist Q&A

It’s time to join the ‘Witchunt’ with Violet Moons

In the vast array of music that fills our social media feed from Instagram to TikTok, it takes a lot these days to make you stop scrolling and pay attention. But that’s exactly what happened to me one random day on Instagram when I was shown a live performance of Violet Moons covering Nirvana.  “Who … More It’s time to join the ‘Witchunt’ with Violet Moons