M83 | Atlanta, Ga

M83 performs at The Eastern in Atlanta, Ga, to a sold out crowd on April 19, 2023.

Setlist included:

  • Water Deep
  • Oceans Niagara
  • Amnesia
  • Earth to Sea
  • Us and the Rest
  • Run Into Flowers
  • Gone
  • Fantasy
  • Laura
  • Don’t Save Us From the Flames
  • Noise
  • Wait
  • Solitude
  • Sunny Boy
  • Sunny Boy Part 2
  • Dismemberment Bureau
  • My Tears Are Becoming a Sea

Encore included fan favorites:

  • Midnight City
  • Mirror
  • Outro

Photography rights & credits to:

Terence Rushin Photography, Copyright, Terence Rushin: https://www.photorushin.com/

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