Centershift Releases ‘Fade Away’ – Artist Q&A

centershift Q&A fade away for the record

Centershift, an LA-based rock band known for their unwavering work ethic and who kept in the studio or on the stage all throughout 2022, have just released their newest track ‘Fade Away’ to streaming services! ‘Fade Away’ comes from their 2022 album, “A Different Shade of Color” and veers from Centershift’s usual sound into pop-rock territory while still staying true to the band’s roots of alternative music. 

I had the pleasure of having a Q&A session with Centershift and delving into some of the topics that ‘Fade Away’ touches upon, such as sobriety and mental health. As quoted by Jason Radford in a recent press release, “ ‘Fade Away’ is an expression of the trials of breaking away from things in life that control you, whether it be Chemical, Mental, Physical, anything but feeling drawn back in.” says Jasan Radford. “In growth, there are times of feeling completely alone, in that, we are able to look inside ourselves.”

Check out the full Q&A below:

Q: The song, “Fade Away” touches on Jasan Radford’s journey to sobriety and his ongoing journey of personal growth. What was it like delving into something that is personal for your song and for that matter, your entire album? 

Fade away, definitely touches on my life choices, but also I wanted to express that, sometimes overwhelming feeling of, angst and feeling boxed in. That it’s ok to take a minute and feel you again.

Q: Did you see yourselves ever making an album like this [an album coming from a deeply personal place]?

I feel I’ve always written from the heart. Like ONESIDEZERO’s first Album, it came together to be, 12 days in a life. I hope that sharing my personal experience can be shared as a positive for someone.

Q: What would you say to your younger selves about the music/music industry? And what would you say to younger yourselves about sobriety? 

Hmm, that’s a good one lol, I’d say, “kid don’t sweat the small stuff”, the real work begins after the “Deal” hahaha. For the Sobriety….well, I probably would have much to tell little me, I think I had to live life’s course.

Q: How did you all meet? And when did you realize, “Hey, let’s be a band!” -?

Let’s see, Mike Tarabotto, our first Drummer met in 93/94, as well as our Drummer Stefan Storace, when we had the local LA Band, BLüPRNT. Ryan Stuber and I first met at a little place called the Martini Lounge on Melrose. His Band, Shuvel had just moved to LA, ONESIDEZERO, and Shuvel were playing this night, not knowing we would later share Management lol.

Ted Wenri was in the Band, BEMUS, whose Record was also done by Jim Wirt, and we took them on the Road with us and Dredge, been good Pals ever since.

Ted and I had tried over the years to get this off the ground, but the Stars never lined up, until 2019. Ryan and I always knew we had to play together, and Stefan was the missing piece.

Q: Are there any musical influences you can definitely call out in your new song, “Fade Away”?

Ya know, not writing it with any kinda direction, but the Melody and Structure, it really turned out as its own on the Record. I have so many different early recordings and versions, I mean, the song was called St. Patty’s day, for a minute. I think I tried a version on St. Patty’s haha.

Q: As an LA-based band, do you find that city inspires or affects your songwriting and music?

Another great question, I’m born and raised in SoCal, and I’d say that has some influence on my genre and overall tone. Having grown up in the 80’s Hardcore and Surf, Skate era, it was natural to have the elements.

Q: What’s next for Centershift?

To quote Ryan,” World Domination”

Q: Is there anything you want people to know about Centershift and specifically your music? 

I would like to personally say, thank you, and be ready for Album 2!!

We couldn’t do it without all of your support!

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